Mod Commands

Hi! Mod-bot here.
So, you want to know about mod commands? You came to the right place, {0}.
The mod commands exercise will take approximately ~5 minutes.
Say 'ok' when you are ready to continue.|ok

Great! Let me teach you what commands are available to you as a room mod.
There are a couple of different ways to handle a disruptive situation that is beyond friendly reminders.

You can "silence" a user for 30 seconds (and prevent them from camming up) using the /silence command.
To silence AND remove anything they previously said in-room, use /silence!
To silence the whole room (except self-mods and people on cam), /silence *

If they are beyond rhyme or reason, using /muzzle will prevent a user from sending messages to the room.
Muzzling will still allow them to whisper, PM and cam. Using /muzzle a second time will remove it.

As much as you would love to /muzzle or /silence! me right now, it would be rather anti-productive.
To continue: Which command you would use (without the slash) to silence AND remove text?|silence!

Huzzah, you can read! Now, on to the next level of mod commands…

To temporarily remove a user from the room, use /kick.

For lengthier removals, there are a couple of ways for mods to ban…
The most basic being: /roomban (user) (hours, 1-24) (reason). The whole room will see the ban and reason.
There are some circumstances where room banning does not need to be made public.
Using /silentban in the same context will place a ban only seen by mods.
*To lift a temporary room ban, type /forgive (user). To see a list of current temp bans, use /banned.* |math

Ok! Time for some more in-depth mod abilities.

You can type /filter (text) to make a customized search of your local chat history.
*This is useful for mods to search all text from a possible problem user/repeat offenders.*

To check if a user has been a problem for the room in the past, type /stats (user).
This will tell you how many times they have been banned, kicked, silenced or muzzled.

If you would like to prevent a user from seeing cams until they relog, use /cam refuse.
Cam someone down using /cam down.

Say bazinga to continue.|bazinga

Mod-bot is pleased. Here are a few other commands you may find useful:

If you are a self-mod, type /modme to make yourself a mod.
To mod someone else, type /mod (user). You may also use /oper.
To de-mod yourself, type /demodme.

To clear the chat window (*for everyone, so use sparingly*), type /clear.

To put the room's welcome message in chat, type /welcome.
To display a link to the rules of the room, type /rules.
What is the secondary command (without the slash) to mod someone else?|oper

/nick Proud_ModBot
It looks like you have a grasp on these mod commands, {0}!
/vog Way to go, champ!

You can revisit help later by typing '/help' in-chat or by visiting the /ChatHelp page.
Type 'ok' to be added to this group and to get your trophy.|ok

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