User Commands

Hi! I am a bot!
I'm going to walk you through how to chat here
If you are still cammed-up, you can cam down now (if you want)
If you work through this exercise (~5 minutes) you get a trophy at the end… =)
Say 'ok' when you are ready to continue|ok

Alright :)

You can direct messages to people in public chat using the '@' symbol
'hey @training_bot' turns the name red for me and plays a beep if I have audio enabled
(i'm just a bot, so I don't have audio enabled)

typing out 'training_bot' everytime can be annoying, so luckily you can use tab complete

just type '@tr' and then hit the 'tab' key and it will cycle through the user names that start with 'tr'.
When tab complete is showing the name you want, hit 'space' to insert it.
This can also be used for tab-completing user names when entering commands

use tab complete to say '/oper training_bot' to continue|[hi]training_bot*

/vog thanks {0}!

using chatters names explicitly like that (@{0}) is handy if they are afk (away from keyboard) for a bit and want to see if anyone was talking to them while they were away
you can use '/filter {0}' to see if someone mentioned you

this is also a good time to mention that commands also support auto-complete (so you can type '/f'+tab, instead of '/filter')
type '/filter {0}' to try it out|math

Also, you can use arrow-up to recall/re-enter previous commands…

/vog commands about you

You can appear to perform an action by using the /me command
Type '/me slaps dug with a trout'|with a trout

You can also change your nick (if the room settings allow it) using the /nick command.
This can be helpful for communicating temporary status in the room
/nick training_bot_brb_on_the_phone

/nick training_bot_cooking

/nick training_bot_almost_back

/nick training_bot

oh hai

/vog commands for messaging

You can use the '/msg' command to send a 'whisper' to another user.
This message will appear in their main chat window
Send me a whisper now (/msg training_bot ok)|ok
a helpful shortcut for whispers is the shift-up arrow key - it auto-starts a whisper to the last person that whispered you


there is also the '/privmsg' command to send a private message (PM) to another user.
This displays for them in a pop-up chat window.
This is better than whispers for longer conversations or if the person is afk and might miss what you said as chat scrolls.
Send me a PM now (/privmsg training_bot ok)|ok

/privmsg {0} sup?

/privmsg {0} You can use your mouse to drag and resize the PM window
/privmsg {0} You can use alt+m (alt+shift+m on Firefox) to toggle between hiding and showing the PM window.
/privmsg {0} You can use alt+1, alt+2, etc, to switch between different PM conversations
/privmsg {0} try alt-m and alt-1 now
/privmsg {0} then hop back to the main chat (close or minimize this)|math

/vog More commands for in-room interaction

A command to send a private message to the room mods. They will be prompted to PM you back.

A command to ignore a user - if someone is annoying you in main chat or PMs/whispers, this is on option for ignoring them.

/vog Other commands

This shows a little 'leader board' of who has the most 'karma' in the current room. Karma is explained on the 'ChatHelp' page.

This is a hold-over of the IRC command. It shows basic information about a chatter, will also show trophies and groups in common.

This is to see a status update on your profile page (and the front page of people that are 'following' you).
This is a way to keep people up-to-date on what you are upto even if you don't happen to be in chat at the same time.

'Following' someone just puts their latest status updates on your front page.
You can also follow people (and unfollow them) from their profile page.

OK, that is it for this round.
You can revisit help later by typing '/help' in-chat or by visiting the /ChatHelp page.
Type 'yay' to be added to this group and get the trophy.|yay

/group knows_user_commands add {0}